21/365 – 3rd times a charm

Today marks the 3rd week mark. Thts three weeks without missing a day of running. The best thing about this fact is that my body is holding up greatly. While a lot of time goes into foam rolling and stretching, the Benifits far outway the time. A great idea is to do some mobility/stretching during every ad break you see. The time ads up and you feel great!!

Today’s run took 8:30mins, I’m still running at 15km/hr and while the runs are challenging I am by no means completely exhausted afterwards which is exciting. After today’s run I was able to do 10 mins of sled pushed and 5 rounds of 20kg KB swings and hand release push ups. Anyone who thinks push-ups are for beginners needs to try that!!

Run long, Be strong!

19/365 – the mystery of running

One of the perks of being a runner, at least for me, is never knowing what part of the body will need some love and attention when I wake up. Today’s part was my left adductors. There was a bit of pain in that area when I woke up, from what I don’t know, but as with all the other aches and pains iv had along this journey, a good dose of foam rolling is the plan of attack. Along with the usual time spent on ITB and quads, I spent a bit more time working the adductors to try and get rid of any tightness that may have built up there.

After the rolling I moved onto my daily run, today was 1.9km. It took 7:41mins. The pain/fatigue in the lower back was almost gone, popped back up a tiny bit with about 300m to go. The usual suspects of the calves felt the most worked. Also got a slight stitch around 250m to go. Managed to push through it although I’m hoping that isn’t a daily occurrence.

Tomorrow’s run is a nice and easy 2km. I find the body feels really refreshed and re energized during those recovery runs so I’m looking forward to it.

Run long, Be strong

15/365 – naturally fit

I never thought about this until today’s run. But I’m sure there’s a time when my natural fitness to run will finish and my trained fitness will take over. I feel I have a bit more to go until I reach the end of my natural fitness. I’m sure that these daily runs are building on my ‘trained fitness’ at the same time. Today was 1500m in 6:08. The speed felt fast as the treadmil sped up but I found my groove pretty quick. I still need to work on my breathing patterns as it can feel abit strange and forced at times.

When the day comes that I reach the end of my natural ability to run and my trAining kicks in, I wonder if it will feel any different?

Have any of you out there felt as if your training has taken over your born ability?

Run long, be strong

14/365 – feeding the calves

Today marks the 2 week mark of running everyday! While some may see this as nothing remarkable, it’s the most consistent patch of running iv done since I can remember. The good news is that it’s still feeling good and I’m continuing to look forward to the next days run!

Today was 1400m and it took 5:44min. The 15km/hr speed is feeling better each day and I think my legs are starting to get into a stride pattern now. My breathing patterns still need abit of work but I’m sure that will come with time.

As I got towards the end of my run and once I finished a felt the blood that had built up in my calves, this was the first time iv felt this but I’m exited that it’s starting to build the endurance into my lower legs as quite often at the start of football season the calves cramp up until if have a base of fitness, hopefully this will correct that!

After my run I did crossfits (www.crossfit.com) WOD of 7 min AMRAP 5 x 30inch box jumps 3 cleans at 100kg. I couldn’t clean 100kg so scaled it down to 80kg(175lb). I got through 7 rounds. I then did 3 sets of 10x single leg squats and 10x20kg KB swings and 10 mins of arms to finish off the workout.

Feeling pretty stuffed at the moment but enjoying the work I do each day!!

Keep the feedback an questions coming!

Run long, be strong!

11/365 – the noise of running

So today I went into the gym to do my run. I started off with about 30 mins of foam rolling really targeting my quads,adductors and it band. I also tried out foam rolling my lats for the first time and I tell you if you never have its painful but worth it. Shoulders felt instantly better.

I then went in to do my run, I have always ran on the same treadmil up until today, as ‘mine’ was being used I went to the next one down the line. About 50m in a heard the clunking and shaking of a treadmil on its last legs. My only thought was that I hoped it would last my journey today! Needless to say the motivation was there just to finish the run and shut the piece of junk up.

So that’s what I did. 1.1km in 4:30 all at 15km/hr. While the running is getting more challenging I know there is plenty left to give. I’m hoping the fitness I am starting to gain from these medium intensity runs hold me in good stead in the weeks to come.

I would like to that you all who have joined in on my journey. A big motivator is to stay accountable to all of you out there and to show that what seems impossible is actually achievable!

Run long, be strong!

Helping me, help others

As some of you who have been following from the start would know, i am a personal trainer and have been for the past 5 years or so.  In this time i am proud to say i have helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals.  And obivously i have encountered thousands of different questions and issues that arise with them.  I would love to help any of you with any questions or concerns you have about your own training or diet. I will be blogging every now and then about a days training that i’ve done, i would also love to see some of you have a go at doing the same workout and let me know what you think of it!

Run long, Be Strong

10/365 – Now we’re running!

As many of you who follow this blog would know, i recently found out the speed i was running was in fact slower than i wanted.  So to fix it i chose to run faster, pretty easy huh?1km in 4:07min. Again even with the faster pace the time it took to speed the treadmil up cost me breaking the 4:00min mark.  i went from running 900m at 14km/hr to running 1000m at 15km/hr over night.  It might not be a huge increase but im glad im on the right track once and for all.

The run today started to bring back memories of my teenage years, when i was training for football i used to run 3km at 18km/hr on the treadmil, it was funny to realise i still use the same distances as ‘feelers’ on the run.  For example at 250m i shouldn’t be breathing to hard at around 50%, every 250m that % goes up a little.  I stood off after 1km puffing pretty hard, i know there is still more to give before i need to slow and im excited to face the challenge that tomorrows run brings!

Death by Calculations

I was at lunch for my mothers birthday, during which i was talking to my brother in law(a great runner and has competed in many marathons) about my running goal.  While he was extremely supportive he told me that my calculations where out and in fact 15km/hr is 4;00 min/km pace, rather than my 14 km/hr i had been running.  I was instantly a bit devastated, I was so happy with my progress and to realise it wasn’t quite as good as i thought was hard to swallow.  

There was only one way i thought of to fix it, run faster.  So for my 10th day, 1km run, i will be upping the speed from 14km to 15km.   A new challange i look forward to facing



9/365 – (in)growing the distance

Ingrown toe nail on my left big toe, nothing major and the pain is very minor except it’s just abit annoying! If love to hear your advice to fix it if you have any.

Today I decided to do the run seperate from my other training, purely because I had clients early this morning and wanted to get back home to see my better half before she left for work. It is valentines day after all.

The run itself took 3:55mins and as would know if you have been following along I’m up to 900m. Due to the time it takes for the treadmil to speed up I won’t be able to run 4:00min for the first km. While that’s slightly disappointing the thought of achieving the first 1km in a run is exciting! I’m determined to get as far as possible before slowing the speed down to 13.5km/hr, at the moment I feel I can get a fair bit more distance however the breathing is getting heavier each increase!

Run long, be strong

7/365 – a week filled with running

Day 7 and the first week complete! 700m done in 3:06min. Ive managed to keep the speed at 14km/hr so far. It’s starting to feel abit tough towards the end but I’m confident there is still a fair bit more to go before I need to notch down the speed a little.

Although the distance hasn’t been long, I’m glad iv been able I string together 7 days of running in a row. Looking forward to tomorrow 800m easy jog!

Run long, be strong!