Minutes to fitness

After today’s run I did abit of conditioning. Today’s focus was clean and jerks and chin ups. I did 20 mins of EMOM(each minute on the minute) worth of clean and jerks. I built up to a 1 rep max, I then did a few minutes of just cleans at a heavier weight. Then I dropped the weight down to 70kg and did the remainder with 3 reps every minute.

I then moved on to 10 mins EMOM of chin ups. Doing around 5-8 chin ups each time, changing the grip speed and style every set. It would of finished up being around 70 chin ups.

I did 2 x 30 reps of seated hamstring curls and a 20 min row at a moderate intensity then 3 x 10 of the ab wheel to finish off.

A tough days work! But I know tomorrow I’ll be better for the work I did today.

What are you doing to better yourself today??

Run long, Be strong

I challenge you! #3 – The Devli’s Row


Alright here is it! I have another workout challenge for you all to try!  Today’s rowing session is what i like to call the Devil’s row.

6 x 666m reps with 66sec recovery between sets.  Try and row within 10sec of your first row for the remaining 5.   Post yout times and comments below.

Run Long, Be Strong

13/365 – talking about running

Today was my 1300m run. While I was about 300m into the run an elderly man came over and started talking to me. I think it was proberly pride but I didn’t want him to see if I was struggling, luckily I wasn’t feeling too bad. Weather it was an improvement in my fitness or the distraction of talking but today’s run flew by and felt really good!

I followed my fun up with 20x 30s fast 30s slow on the rower. As well as 100 double unders and around 10 toes to bar.

My back is still really stiff, we are getting a new matress Thursday so that should help as in the morning it’s a real struggle to even out shoes on after the nights sleep.

Please keep the feedback coming. It’s fantastic to read all about it!

Run long. Be strong

6/365 – Running and the Pain Cave

As those of you who are great enough to have read my previous posts, you would know that Tuesday for me is one of my conditioning days. I started out as always with my run for the day, 600m in 2:41min. Felt really good through the run, although I can start to get that feeling of pushing through the ‘pain cave’. I finished off on the C2 rower and did 5 x 500m rows with 40s rest between them. Fastest was 1:43min and slowest was 1:58min, these were tough!

In the morning today, my hip flexors felt pretty right and sore. I spent 15-20mins on the foam roller and my quads/adductors/itb where super sore! Something I plan on doing everyday to get the muscles working pain free! A good dose of the couch stretch today to try and help aswell!

Run Long, Be Strong