18/365 – cooking with the lower back

Today’s run was 1800m, completed that in 7:16mins. Today’s run was also the hardest run iv done so far. The legs felt heavy and breathing was hard, however the most noticeable pain was in the lower back, a burning, fatigue feeling pain. After the run I went to do 10 x 10 squats going every minute @ 40kg however I only got 5 sets because the lower back was on fire!! For around 15mins after the workout, anything besides laying on the back felt like I was in a last set of deadlifts. I did do a big workout of Burpees, 20kg KB swings, toes to bars and double unders yesterday so it could be from that, that my back was abit tired today. Tomorrow ill be stronger for what I did today! Keep working on your weaknesses!!

Run long, be Strong!!