22/365 – running again

2.2km today in 8:53min. Without meaning to I realized i have missed the last two days of running, these days will be made up in the next week or so to keep me on track.

Iv been focussing on the CrossFit open workout 14.1 the last two days, trying to better my score to get the higher ranking I can! Unfortunately the running accidentally took a back seat. It was a great feeling to get back and running today.

The speed felt fast, legs heavy and breathing hard however I made it though and I’m sure I can keep pushing further and further as my fitness builds!

Run long, Be strong

Sounds like a plan!

Some of you have asked about my planning towards my training. I have a pretty good idea on how hard to push my body and when to ease back. I also know what my weakness are and where I need improvements. In saying that I have a basic template that I follow and listen to my body on a daily basis. This is all on top of my daily run.

Monday – squat variation / arms
Tuesday – chin ups / clean+jerk
Wednesday – bench / Sled
Thursday – deadlift / chin ups
Friday – shoulder press / arms
Saturday – lunges / sled
Sunday – chin ups / cleans or snatches

I also try and do 2-3 sets of upper back each day and single leg/core work alternating days. I try and row and use kettlebell swings 3-5 days a week as well.

If I feel good I push hard, if I’m feeling abit flat I will take that day easier. It’s all about listening to your body!

Amazing ‘Grace’

Today I reached a goal I thought I would take years to reach. I did a 4:30min Grace. For those of you who don’t know what grace is. It’s a CrossFit Benchmark workout consisting of 60kg clean and jerks, 30 reps as fast as you can. A few weeks ago I got under 8min for the first time. With no specific training for the clean and jerk other than doing the moments 5 or 6 times in the past month I was stoked to get sub 5 mins last week. Speaking to the ‘crossfit guy’ at our gym, who is goin to base camp Everest for alititude training for the open, he manages to do 4:30min grace. This was my motivation going into today’s workout. I wanted to have the best time in the gym. Next week I
Going for 4:15min!

What’s your best grace time?

14/365 – feeding the calves

Today marks the 2 week mark of running everyday! While some may see this as nothing remarkable, it’s the most consistent patch of running iv done since I can remember. The good news is that it’s still feeling good and I’m continuing to look forward to the next days run!

Today was 1400m and it took 5:44min. The 15km/hr speed is feeling better each day and I think my legs are starting to get into a stride pattern now. My breathing patterns still need abit of work but I’m sure that will come with time.

As I got towards the end of my run and once I finished a felt the blood that had built up in my calves, this was the first time iv felt this but I’m exited that it’s starting to build the endurance into my lower legs as quite often at the start of football season the calves cramp up until if have a base of fitness, hopefully this will correct that!

After my run I did crossfits (www.crossfit.com) WOD of 7 min AMRAP 5 x 30inch box jumps 3 cleans at 100kg. I couldn’t clean 100kg so scaled it down to 80kg(175lb). I got through 7 rounds. I then did 3 sets of 10x single leg squats and 10x20kg KB swings and 10 mins of arms to finish off the workout.

Feeling pretty stuffed at the moment but enjoying the work I do each day!!

Keep the feedback an questions coming!

Run long, be strong!

13/365 – talking about running

Today was my 1300m run. While I was about 300m into the run an elderly man came over and started talking to me. I think it was proberly pride but I didn’t want him to see if I was struggling, luckily I wasn’t feeling too bad. Weather it was an improvement in my fitness or the distraction of talking but today’s run flew by and felt really good!

I followed my fun up with 20x 30s fast 30s slow on the rower. As well as 100 double unders and around 10 toes to bar.

My back is still really stiff, we are getting a new matress Thursday so that should help as in the morning it’s a real struggle to even out shoes on after the nights sleep.

Please keep the feedback coming. It’s fantastic to read all about it!

Run long. Be strong

I’m Challenging You! #1

Got a spare 5 minutes on your Monday? If you don’t you need to work on your time management  skills because you are missing out on some great workouts.  Here are a few 5 minute workouts that i throw into my conditioning days to keep things mixed up.  Try them and let me know your thoughts!!

Kettle Bell Swings (a weight you could swing 15 times)

Start the timer

1 swing @00sec, 2 x @30sec, 3 x @1min, 4 x @1:30 5 x @ 2:00, 6 x @2:30, 7 x @ 3:00, 8 x @ 3:30, 9 x @ 4:00, 10 x @ 4:30.

Skip The Burpees

5 Burpees, 10 double unders (or 20 skips). Go every 50seconds until the 5 minutes are up.

Midnight Prowler

25m prowler push going every 30seconds

Toeing Box Jumps

1 hanging toe to bar, 2 box jumps.  

2 hanging toe to bar, 4 box jumps 

4 hanging tow to bar, 8 box jumps etc for 5mins (double each round)

GHD Hell

5 GHD Sit Ups

3 GHD Back extensions (go up 1 each round for the 5 mins)


Give one or all of these a shot today and tell me how you go!


Benchmarks, girls and Heros

For today’s workout, I normally heavy squat but I want to give my hip flexor a few more days before jumping into it again. So today I set out to complete CrossFit workouts Annie and hero workout DT

DT – 5 rounds 12Deadlifts, 9 hang cleans, 6 push jerks all @70kg – I got through 4 rounds in 22 mins. Lower back was getting burnt out and didn’t want to over do it. Pretty happy with the first time iv ever tried it.

Had about a 5min break before I attacked

Annie – 50/40/30/20/10 Double unders and Situps – 8 mins, my double unders could use some improvement and this is the first lot of sit-ups iv done since I can remember. But again I’m happy with the time.

I started with 5 mins on each glute with a ball. And finished off with some arm work, gotta get those big guns!

Run long, be strong

Back to the kettebells

Wow! I can safely say iv found another body part that needs improvement. My lower back is in some desperate need of strength and endurance.

I always get my clients to do kettle bell swings. I know how good they are but have let myself miss them from my training for far too long. Today I did a workout were I started at 1 swing and worked my way up to 10 going up by 1 every 30s. So 1, 2@30s,3@1min,4@1:30min etc. This have me a total of 55 swings with a 20kg bell. All would be good except my back felt like I just did 550 swings! I havnt felt that fatigue in my back for a long time! From here on out I plan on doing at least 50 swings every day, building gradually until I reach 100+ a day.

Find your weakness and attack it! Time to bring the kettle bell back!

Run long, be strong

6/365 – Running and the Pain Cave

As those of you who are great enough to have read my previous posts, you would know that Tuesday for me is one of my conditioning days. I started out as always with my run for the day, 600m in 2:41min. Felt really good through the run, although I can start to get that feeling of pushing through the ‘pain cave’. I finished off on the C2 rower and did 5 x 500m rows with 40s rest between them. Fastest was 1:43min and slowest was 1:58min, these were tough!

In the morning today, my hip flexors felt pretty right and sore. I spent 15-20mins on the foam roller and my quads/adductors/itb where super sore! Something I plan on doing everyday to get the muscles working pain free! A good dose of the couch stretch today to try and help aswell!

Run Long, Be Strong