Back to the kettebells

Wow! I can safely say iv found another body part that needs improvement. My lower back is in some desperate need of strength and endurance.

I always get my clients to do kettle bell swings. I know how good they are but have let myself miss them from my training for far too long. Today I did a workout were I started at 1 swing and worked my way up to 10 going up by 1 every 30s. So 1, 2@30s,3@1min,4@1:30min etc. This have me a total of 55 swings with a 20kg bell. All would be good except my back felt like I just did 550 swings! I havnt felt that fatigue in my back for a long time! From here on out I plan on doing at least 50 swings every day, building gradually until I reach 100+ a day.

Find your weakness and attack it! Time to bring the kettle bell back!

Run long, be strong