What’s this all about?

Looking through the diary last night i was looking how many days until football season started and thinking to myself that i should properly start running and get some kind of fitness.   I hadn’t been running in a while and thought of a way to start off.  After a while i came up with what will either be impossible or incredible.  Run 100m more than the day before.

The next was to figure out what speed i want to run, as i have never ran 5km under the 20min mark i decided to use the 4:00min/km pacing which works out to be 15km/hr.  I’ll run this speed on the treadmil at least 3 times a week, the other 4 days will be on the road/track and at a speed thats difficult but not to taxing.

If i continue to do this every day for a year, i will be run a total of 325.1km in the final week of the year.

10 thoughts on “What’s this all about?

    • Thanks for reply. Each day i’ll be running 100m more than the day before. Day 365 will be 36.5km, day 364 will be 36.4 etc. 325.1km is the weeks total distance in the final week.

  1. Good luck on the challenge, I like it! Going to steal some of your foam rolling techniques as I get tight ITB and if will help me.

    Will be interesting how you find it when the weeks and heavy mileage start each day can only imagine it will be tough when you hit the daily half marathons onwards especially if your pushing similar pace but your fitness should build massively.

    Good luck

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