23/365 – open to running

After yesterday’s CrossFit 14.1 attempt, the body was feeling abit fatigued. I was expecting the run to be really tough however overall it felt pretty easy. Again the calves felt full of blood at the end. The final product was 2.3km in 9:17mins. Only a few days until I crack the 10 min mark!

I finished off with 21/15/9 reps of 50kg squats and chin ups.

Run long, be strong!

22/365 – running again

2.2km today in 8:53min. Without meaning to I realized i have missed the last two days of running, these days will be made up in the next week or so to keep me on track.

Iv been focussing on the CrossFit open workout 14.1 the last two days, trying to better my score to get the higher ranking I can! Unfortunately the running accidentally took a back seat. It was a great feeling to get back and running today.

The speed felt fast, legs heavy and breathing hard however I made it though and I’m sure I can keep pushing further and further as my fitness builds!

Run long, Be strong