19/365 – the mystery of running

One of the perks of being a runner, at least for me, is never knowing what part of the body will need some love and attention when I wake up. Today’s part was my left adductors. There was a bit of pain in that area when I woke up, from what I don’t know, but as with all the other aches and pains iv had along this journey, a good dose of foam rolling is the plan of attack. Along with the usual time spent on ITB and quads, I spent a bit more time working the adductors to try and get rid of any tightness that may have built up there.

After the rolling I moved onto my daily run, today was 1.9km. It took 7:41mins. The pain/fatigue in the lower back was almost gone, popped back up a tiny bit with about 300m to go. The usual suspects of the calves felt the most worked. Also got a slight stitch around 250m to go. Managed to push through it although I’m hoping that isn’t a daily occurrence.

Tomorrow’s run is a nice and easy 2km. I find the body feels really refreshed and re energized during those recovery runs so I’m looking forward to it.

Run long, Be strong

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