12/365 – Third time lucky

Today was my 1200m run.  As is fits easily into 3 laps of the track that what i chose to do.  My attention span is about a long as a goldfishes memory and by the 3rd lap i was over running around in circles.  Funny how that seems to be more boring than on the treadmill.  For the next outdoors run (1600m) i will be doing 200m sprint/jog intervals.  This will hopefully spice things up a bit.  

To finish off the run i did 4 sets of 10 Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats (RFESS).  My back is a bit sore from what i think would be the Fran and Other Thruster workouts i did yesterday.  I’m going to try get proficient at single leg work over the next few weeks.  Try give my back a bit of a rest and try something i don’t normally do.  Once i build up a good base of strength in the legs i will then go back to traditional squats for awhile.  


1200m in 9 mins today, slow and recovery orientated.  Legs are feeling nice, light and fresh and looking forward to tomorrows 1300m treadmill pace run.


Run Long, Be Strong

2 thoughts on “12/365 – Third time lucky

  1. Fantastic time! If you get bored on the track when not run out into the countyside- or cityside ;)- around where you live, less boring than the treadmill or the the track! (although more time consuming).

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