I’m Challenging You! #1

Got a spare 5 minutes on your Monday? If you don’t you need to work on your time management  skills because you are missing out on some great workouts.  Here are a few 5 minute workouts that i throw into my conditioning days to keep things mixed up.  Try them and let me know your thoughts!!

Kettle Bell Swings (a weight you could swing 15 times)

Start the timer

1 swing @00sec, 2 x @30sec, 3 x @1min, 4 x @1:30 5 x @ 2:00, 6 x @2:30, 7 x @ 3:00, 8 x @ 3:30, 9 x @ 4:00, 10 x @ 4:30.

Skip The Burpees

5 Burpees, 10 double unders (or 20 skips). Go every 50seconds until the 5 minutes are up.

Midnight Prowler

25m prowler push going every 30seconds

Toeing Box Jumps

1 hanging toe to bar, 2 box jumps.  

2 hanging toe to bar, 4 box jumps 

4 hanging tow to bar, 8 box jumps etc for 5mins (double each round)

GHD Hell

5 GHD Sit Ups

3 GHD Back extensions (go up 1 each round for the 5 mins)


Give one or all of these a shot today and tell me how you go!


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