11/365 – the noise of running

So today I went into the gym to do my run. I started off with about 30 mins of foam rolling really targeting my quads,adductors and it band. I also tried out foam rolling my lats for the first time and I tell you if you never have its painful but worth it. Shoulders felt instantly better.

I then went in to do my run, I have always ran on the same treadmil up until today, as ‘mine’ was being used I went to the next one down the line. About 50m in a heard the clunking and shaking of a treadmil on its last legs. My only thought was that I hoped it would last my journey today! Needless to say the motivation was there just to finish the run and shut the piece of junk up.

So that’s what I did. 1.1km in 4:30 all at 15km/hr. While the running is getting more challenging I know there is plenty left to give. I’m hoping the fitness I am starting to gain from these medium intensity runs hold me in good stead in the weeks to come.

I would like to that you all who have joined in on my journey. A big motivator is to stay accountable to all of you out there and to show that what seems impossible is actually achievable!

Run long, be strong!

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