10/365 – Now we’re running!

As many of you who follow this blog would know, i recently found out the speed i was running was in fact slower than i wanted.  So to fix it i chose to run faster, pretty easy huh?1km in 4:07min. Again even with the faster pace the time it took to speed the treadmil up cost me breaking the 4:00min mark.  i went from running 900m at 14km/hr to running 1000m at 15km/hr over night.  It might not be a huge increase but im glad im on the right track once and for all.

The run today started to bring back memories of my teenage years, when i was training for football i used to run 3km at 18km/hr on the treadmil, it was funny to realise i still use the same distances as ‘feelers’ on the run.  For example at 250m i shouldn’t be breathing to hard at around 50%, every 250m that % goes up a little.  I stood off after 1km puffing pretty hard, i know there is still more to give before i need to slow and im excited to face the challenge that tomorrows run brings!

2 thoughts on “10/365 – Now we’re running!

    • if you are running outdoors and are running the same distance or path every day, then trying to beat your time will ensure that you are running faster. I good ‘speed’ training session is to do 100m/200m/300m sprints with the same distance as a joog/walk recovery. The sprints should be done at about 90%. Do as many as you can. Hope this helps

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