9/365 – (in)growing the distance

Ingrown toe nail on my left big toe, nothing major and the pain is very minor except it’s just abit annoying! If love to hear your advice to fix it if you have any.

Today I decided to do the run seperate from my other training, purely because I had clients early this morning and wanted to get back home to see my better half before she left for work. It is valentines day after all.

The run itself took 3:55mins and as would know if you have been following along I’m up to 900m. Due to the time it takes for the treadmil to speed up I won’t be able to run 4:00min for the first km. While that’s slightly disappointing the thought of achieving the first 1km in a run is exciting! I’m determined to get as far as possible before slowing the speed down to 13.5km/hr, at the moment I feel I can get a fair bit more distance however the breathing is getting heavier each increase!

Run long, be strong

2 thoughts on “9/365 – (in)growing the distance

  1. Go! Go! Go! I remeber exactly the point where your lungs would like to get out of your chest and ask you the reason for such an effort….do not listen to them for a while, until you get your running habit. Then they’ll be quiet and supportive enough to go beyond your wishes!! Good luck!! You’ll be amazed!

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