8/365 – No rest for the wicked

A new week and a fresh start (sort of).  Today was my first outdoor run since iv started last week.  As i wrote about eariler on in my blog, every outdoor day is going to be a slow recovery run, as i dont want to take a day off unless i have to.  I thought about not timing my run today but i wanted to keep ‘the journey so far’ acurate so i decided to time it.  800m in 6mins.  It felt so slow, i had to keep reminding myself to think of the big picture, and not to try and rush anything.


The foam rolling yesterday has helped the hip flexor a little bit, its still abit tender so i am having another day off squats and deadlifts, hopefully tomorrow i will be able to get back into it. Todays foam rolling went;

25 itb/hammy, 25 itb, 25 itb/quad, 25 quads, 25 quad/add, 25 add, 25 add/hammy, 25 hammy on each leg

Glute rolls with the ball, focusing on glute med(outside) and hip flexors.

I challange you all to get on the foam roller today and do it, its worth the pain!!

Run Long, Be Strong

2 thoughts on “8/365 – No rest for the wicked

  1. It’s always good to start off slow and build yourself up. From experience there is nothing worse than going too hard to begin with and having to tail it back because your really sore or worse, injured!

    What I found amazing about outdoor running compared to treadmill, was the difference on the body. It’s so much harder on all the joints, and even something like a slow wind makes all the difference to the amount of effort you have to put in lol

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