Determined to be Determined


There needs to be a meaning for everything you do.  If you’re not sure why you are doing something, then what’s the point in doing it??  Everything you do needs to be helping you get closer to your goals, weather thats finacial, physical, spiritial, whatever your goals are, the things you do each day have to help you get closer, if they are not, then you’ve wasted minutes, hours, days of your life you can never get back.

Pick goals that a meaningful to you, something that you want to achieve for you, not because you think it will make you look cool or better than someone else when its gets done.  Pick a goal that WHEN you achieve it, even if no-one notices, you will feel the sense of success.  Be determined to show determination towards your goals in everything that you do.  Move forward or your going backwards!

Run Long, Be Strong

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