(moo)re milk!

Lucky or not, I’ve always had a hard time eating enough food to put on weight. Besides having to set aside the time to cook and prepare all the food for the day/week and planning out the calories/protein/carbs/fats. I’ve never been able to stick to a diet that allows me to gain weight. Plus trying to buy that much food for each day can start to add up $$ wise.

This time I have gone ‘old school’ and going for milk to add the calories into my diet. It’s a good source of protein and carbs, it’s cheap and iv always loved milk! I’m starting off with 1litre a day to see how my body handles it. All going to plan I will increase up to around 2litres a day by the end of next week. 2 liters should add around 1000cals, 70g protein and 100g carbs to my daily intake.

Drink up!
Run long, be strong

3 thoughts on “(moo)re milk!

  1. Good idea. But I’d highly recommend making sure you find a source of top quality organic or raw milk.

    I’ve drank milk or specifically organic raw milk in quite large amounts for about 2 years now, I started off like you with drinking about a litre a day, and I’ve drunk as much as 3 litres in a day for a few months too, but I got ill and lost a fair amount of weight then.

    I’ve since tailed off to about 1 litre a day all the time now, which is mostly with my protein shakes after my weight workouts, but I do occasionally drink a litre extra for an easy quick meal if I find I’m short on time or just extra hungry that day.

    Without it I doubt I wouldn’t have added in the amount of weight I have over those years without milk because like you I find it hard to eat extra whole foods. My end aim is around 77kg (currently 72kg) so I’ve a way to go, but I’ve put on 9kg in two years and I don’t doubt that my milk drinking has helped that.

    Will be interesting to see how you go with this, if you have an questions, about digestion or effects from drinking that much milk a day etc, then just shout (for the first month or so I got a number of spots on my face, which after research I attributed to the extra consumption of milk, it cleared up afterwards though).

    Good luck!

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