6/365 – Running and the Pain Cave

As those of you who are great enough to have read my previous posts, you would know that Tuesday for me is one of my conditioning days. I started out as always with my run for the day, 600m in 2:41min. Felt really good through the run, although I can start to get that feeling of pushing through the ‘pain cave’. I finished off on the C2 rower and did 5 x 500m rows with 40s rest between them. Fastest was 1:43min and slowest was 1:58min, these were tough!

In the morning today, my hip flexors felt pretty right and sore. I spent 15-20mins on the foam roller and my quads/adductors/itb where super sore! Something I plan on doing everyday to get the muscles working pain free! A good dose of the couch stretch today to try and help aswell!

Run Long, Be Strong

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