Mobility work

Ok Guys, i’ve had alot of questions about the mobility work i have been doing and how to get started doing your own mobility work.  The first place to start is to find out what areas need work, performing ‘simple’ body weight exercises such as a FULL squat and lunge will give you an idea of weather your ankles, knees, hips, the calf,quad,hammies or a combination of some or all of these need to work.  I have never been lucky enough to meet or speak to Kelly Starrett but if you youtube him you will find hundreds (liturally) of different exercises to help those areas.  A more exspensive option but i believe much better is to buy his book, he explains things better that i have ever seen before.  I get all my personal training clients(or at least try to) get them to buy the book, read it, and do what he says! Once the body moves the way it should, everything you do becomes easier.

Run Long, Be Strong

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