There’s more to running, than running

I feel i should explain about my training, not my running, which as you all know is fairly self explanatory, run 100m than yesterday everyday for a year. I do this no matter what is planned for the day.

My training consists of 3 strength training day where i follow a version of 5/3/1 accompanied by a few assistance work depending on how i feel after the main lifts.  On these 3 days i may do a 10-20min crossfit style ‘metcon’ or conditioning work which usually consists of burpees, push ups, chin ups,dips, air squats, GHD, Clean+Jerks, Kettlebells or whatever else is around to use.  These workouts are normally AMRAP(as many reps as possible) or EMOM(each min on the min) based with some scaling up/down if needed.

The other 4 days of the week are what i call my conditioning days.  These are made up of 45-90mins worth of 15-25min of interval rowing then any mix of AMRAP, EMOM or any other type of exercise that makes your heart beat out of you chest. I will generally do a 5-10min round of conditioning followed by a few minutes of doing sets of a weakness (glutes, lower back etc).  For any of the conditioning work it’s all based by feel and what i think of on the day, crossfit’s WOD or what iv thought needs work.

I would love to hear any feedback you guys may have or any questions about my training, ill answer them all as best i can!

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