5/365 – Finding the runners pace

Back on the treadmil today, it’s a very different feel to that of running outdoors.  I have had the idea of working on the speed on the treadmil and enjoying the outdoors on the outside runs.  What that means is that im really focusing on running at my goal speed (14km/hr 4:00min/km) and getting the legs used to running that speed.  On my runs on the track i am going to use it more as a ‘recovery’ run.  As I’m not planning on taking any rest days, these low intensity runs will hopfully help with the longivty of the running.

So today was 500m in 2:16min.  Like i’ve mentioned before the treadmil takes just under 100m to get upto 14km/hr.  However today i got a good 400m of pace into my legs, overall it felt really good, nice and relaxed.  And while i stepped off breathing heavier than when i started, it is far from pushing my body into the unknown as of yet.  I was able to get into a comfurtable running pattern and knocked out the distance with no issues.

Left knee has been feeling abit sore and stiff since the last squat day(friday) so will be jumping onto the foam roller and try and smash any muscle stiffness around the joint and see if that makes any difference!

Run long, Be strong

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