Juice me up!

Today i decided that i want to get more vegies into my diet.  With work and training, when i get home i really dont want to have to be cooking, let alone having to go around the supermarket looking for food.  I have pre-marinated meats that are frozen in a plastic bag (pressed flat so it cooks from frozen to done in about 5 mins) in the freezer. Chicken, turkey and beef all ready to go at a moments notice.  But vegies last about what seems like 2 days before you need to throw them out and get fresh ones, sure you can eat frozen vegies but for some reason i just like the thought of fresh over frozen for vegies.  I whipped out my old juicer that i havn’t used in forever and googled some recipes.  I then gave up writing down all the different amounts of each ingredient and went for a simple approach.

I chose 7 ingredients that i think would taste alright and give me nutients my body needs. These were 2 apples, 5 carrots, 3 celary, 1 tomato, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 beetroot. 1 orange.  I didnt peal anything, just chucked them in and away i went. Pored the finished juice into a glass and gulped it down.  Now it might have been good for me but it tasted terrible!

I’ll keep you guys posted on if i feel any different or get some creative ideas to improve it.Any one that has their own juice ideas PLEASE let me know, id love to hear and try them!!

5 thoughts on “Juice me up!

  1. Awesome idea for getting a healthier diet, I use MyFitnesspal.com to track my calories and exercise minutes and total calories I burn, you can set your own goals with “macros” percentage of the type of nutrients that are within your diet. Wife has also found an interesting mobile app for her phone called Pact – http://www.gym-pact.com/, actually pay you to keep up your veggie/fruit intake, and is also integrated in MFP services.

  2. Lauren Shaber says:

    The orange was probably the problem. Make sure to peel any citrus you use and your juice will taste much less bitter and probably quite delicious. I have a couple juice ideas on Instagram if you’re interested! @laurenliveshealthy. Just keep trying – you’ll get the right pairing eventually 🙂

  3. pineappleprobabilities says:

    I try to stick to combinations I would have eaten in non juiced recipes. Tomato basil soup is a good example. 2 tomato, 1 celery, 2 carrot, handful of basil. Any food item you wouldn’t hate in a tomato basil soup could be thrown in. I would never eat apples or oranges made in something with celery. I prefer my juices to be just a few ingredients. as long as you are getting your nutrients over time, i don’t think you really need to get them all at once right after your work out.

    Absolutely peel your citrus! The juicer does toss that part out, but it also extracts some extremely bitter taste first.

    I have been using http://www.pinterest.com/ for new taste ideas for juicing and smoothies.

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