6,693.1 km…..only 6,692.8km to go!


If you add up every days worth of running (it takes along time!), you end up with 6,693.1 km, that’s 669,310m or 4,158.89 miles in the year.  Thats ends up being an average of 18.3km a day for an entire year, without missing a day.  When you look at the task that way, its quite scary! 

While seeing how big the goal actually is I’m sure some people, infact many people would believe that it’s impossible.  And for all i know they very well may be right, but it fills me with excitement to see that challenge that lays ahead.  I know at some stage i will have to drop the speed down from the 14km/hr or 4:00km pace im doing at the moment.  When that will be is anyones guess, I’m hoping for after the 5km mark as in lasting that long, i will set a life long PR for the 5km run!!

For now all i can do is complete the set distance each day and see how far it goes.  I know this challenge will push me as much mentally as much as it does physically and i’m looking forward to meeting what this brings head on!!

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