2/365 – Practice what you preach

Today was another easy day.  200m for the day complete and all in 59 seconds.  It’s great to feel excited about running again, a few summer’s ago i built up to around 100km of running each week, and waking up each day looking forward to running was/is fantastic. Im not sure how long it will last for but ill enjoy it while it lasts.

As a personal trainer, I always get my clients to work on their mobilty/flexibilty at least 10 mins a day.  I’m going to take a dose of my own medicine and one thing i will be doing this time thats different to any other time iv ran is to place alot of effort into the mobilty and movrment of my lower body.  Iv been reading Kelly Starret’s ‘Becoming a Suple Leopard’ book and althought it’s proberly the most exspensive book iv bought it is money well spent and the best book by far i have seen on assessment of joints and presecription of exercises to help improve them.  As alot of us are sitting for long periods of the day i know and have seen how stuffed up alot of our hips are and always suggest the supercouch (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C5RoLj5pak) stretch 3 mins a side for every hour of sitting.  Today i will be behind the desk for 6 hours, which will mean 18mins a side of the stretch(spread out throughout the day).  (c)Ouch!!

In 100 days i will obviously be running 10km a day. So I looked 100(ish) days ahead on the calender and found a charity run around that date.  All going to plan i will sign up for it in the next week or two.  This should also help me stay motivated and on track.  The feedback and encouragement i have recieved so far has been amazing.  Thank you to all who have decided to join me on this journey, wherever it may lead I cant wait! Im happy to answer and questions you may have!!

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