2 is better than 1

2 is better than 1

My beautiful girlfriend was the first person I spoke to about my goal of running 100m more than I did the day before for a whole year. And while many people would have laughed or told me it’s not possible. Her only question was could my body hold up, something neither of us will know until the time comes.
(I guess it’s at this point I should explain that when i was 17 I developed osteitis pubis and had to stop running for almost a year. I’v also got terrible ankle, knee and hip problems so as the distance piles up, it will be interesting how the body will cope.)

Besides her concern for me, she was fully supportive, I also said that if it turns out to be an interesting story maybe we can make a book out of it and be rich. Again, time will tell. She also decided she was going to train with me, having someone to come along step for step, pun inteded, is a huge bonus.

So today, on our 18th annaversary, I want to thank you(even though you wont read this) and hope we can finish this huge task together!!

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