1/365 – Quick and Easy

If every day is this easy i could have stumbled onto the greatest running program ever invented. However I’m more than 100% sure its going to get alot tougher.  I work in a gym and I used the quiet time to get the first day done and dusted. 36 seconds and 0.1km later it was over.  It took about 80m for the treadmil to speed up to 14km. I thought about pushing out an incredible 200m on the first day but i’ll leave that challenge for tomorrow.  Any thoughts as to when its going to become hard?

3 thoughts on “1/365 – Quick and Easy

  1. Awesome commitment, I’m no runner, I’m just now working up my cardio duration. Honestly tho, I think the “toughness” will be more in the mentality. There’s going to be days when you’re sick and just don’t want to mess with it, or in a bad mood, bad day, etc. Just look at this as your pick me up and you’ll be fine 🙂

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